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"Working the Oscars Pre-Party backstage at Society Unici in Beverly Hills"

By celebrity makeup artist, co-owner and lead global educator of, Robbie Miller.

The 89th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, honored the best films of 2016, and took place on February 26, 2017, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

The night before there were dozens of pre-Oscar parties all over Los Angeles. Ramon and I had the privilege of working backstage at one of those parties at Society Unici in Beverly Hills.

The evening was filled with lots of Hollywood glam, red carpet moments, and a dazzling runway show with the industries top models in couture dresses from designer Lisseth Corrao​.


This was a very special event to me because my best friend a fashion desinger herself @wearzuzu a 6 foot 3 gorgeous Czech model was walking the runway and I would be doing her makeup.

Also, my partner Ramon was there to support me.. No matter what you do in life it is always the best to have a positive group of influential people in your life to uplift, push you and inspire you in every step of your journey. Ramon and Zuzu are exactly that to me.

As I arrived at the venue models were already flooding in to get their hair and makeup done for the show. I signed in with the beauty director and went over the mood board. The look was a very smokey eye with red lips, an iconic Hollywood look. I then began setting up my station to begin the night. As a makeup artist, the great thing I love about specializing in full face Airbrush Makeup is that I am able to have all of my makeup kept very organized and in drawers, each small bottle is the equivalent of 10 traditional brands. So everything is very compact, I don't have to have a large heavy case for my products to lug around. Not to mention you do not have to clean brushes in between or have creams and powders all over the place. Have you ever gotten makeup on an expensive couture dress??? I assure you the designer will not be happy.. LOL. Airbrushing keeps me, clean, quick and efficient. Also, airbrush is not just for foundation. It's everything from foundation, eyeshadows, brows, eyeliner and everything in between. Mattes, shimmers and metallics the looks and creativity is endless with airbrush makeup. Whatever you can do with traditional you can do with airbrush in a fraction of the time. In the world of runway and backstage you MUST be quick!! If you cannot produce the look within 15 minutes you will not be asked to work backstage again for that particular event, I can almost guarantee it.

My first model to set in my chair of course was Zuzu. I airbrushed her makeup, with a smokey eye and completed the look with Marilyn Red lip. The designer put her into one of her most beautiful gold gowns. We joked that "Zuzu was the Oscar that night". She walked down the runway with all eyes on her as she seemingly floated the runway as the gown grazed behind her. Flashes of still photography lit the room.


The other model that really stood out to me was a young African American girl originally from Mississippi.. I asked her about her story. Which resembled mine. Both from a small town in the South with big dreams of making it in Los Angeles. Her high cheek bones and luscious lips stood out to me and I instantly knew that she would looks amazing in the look the designer gave me for her. She was very sweet, and as I finished her makeup I wished her all the best success in Hollywood!!

After the models were all done, me and Ramon went and changed to join the inside party with everyone else. We walked in with our all-access card past security and got a glass of wine

and just watched a little bit of the runway show. We stayed for a little bit and decided to call it a night. But before we left we entered the VIP section and helped ourselves to 2 large handfuls of the most delicious chocolates I have ever had. HAHAH. A well deserved treat.

My favorite part of these types of events aren't usually the event itself but more the backstage, where I am working with my fellow artists creating art thru our vision. Networking, meeting new friends, laughs and just an all around great experience of teamwork and what we can create when we work together. This is what I believe is the same in life. Together we can accomplish big things.

If you are a bride and looking for a makeup artist do you research to find the benefits of airbrush makeup on your big day and hire a quality trained professional that has been educated in airbrush artistry. Preferably one trained with me thru my business My artists have hands on training to perfect their skills.

If you are a makeup artist looking to increase your skill set I challenge you to take a Master Class with me and gain a tool in your toolbelt that is sure to give your brides the ultimate

"Hollywood experience" Visit for information on training and certifications.

This article was written for World Bride Magazine:

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