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owner/head of global education

Robbie has studied the art of airbrush makeup for years and himself has had multiple teachers in the field along the way.  Robbie has worked in product development, marketing and branding for some of the top cosmetics brands.

Robbie is a licensed cosmetologist in the state of California & West Virginia.



Head of Global Education/Product Development

The originators of airbrush makeup cosmetics in Los Angeles.  Taught their workshops nationwide.  Studying directly for three years under Emmy award winning celebrity artist and the inventor of beauty airbrush makeup Dina Ousley.  During his time there he was also the head of product development for their new airbrushable hair color line.


National Educator/Product Development 

CAO Cosmetics is carried in the majority of Paul Mitchell Schools in the country and is owned by Paul Mitchell Master Associate Alee Cao.  Robbie taught airbrush workshops at Paul Mitchell Schools nationwide and was head developer for their new airbrush line.


  • Paul Mitchell "The School" alumni/Cosmetology

  • FIT NYC alumni/Cosmetics Product Development

  • Head of makeup for TLC's "Say Yes to The Prom"

  • Published in People, Vogue, L'Officiel & Glamour magazines 

  • Work has been seen on:  TLC, Discovery, Vh1 and Bravo

  • Celebrity Clientele


I love teaching makeup artists and beauty professionals a new skillset to add to their toolbelt.  The beauty industry is booming and a makeup artist has to stand out from the crowd more than ever. I feel that an artist that can do full face airbrush makeup always stands out more. This is why I created A one day LIVE streaming beauty airbrush MasterClass catered to beauty professionals.  No matter where someone is in the world they can get advanced education in beauty airbrush and take their career to a new level by offering such a unique way of applying makeup. 

My passion is seeing artists grow!


Now I'm going to get a little personal and maybe sappy. ;-)

Growing up in rural West Virginia as a gay kid wasn't always the easiest. Especially talking about my dreams of one day being a makeup artist in Hollywood. These were dreams that I would hide and tuck away as I tried to fit in and obtain a more "masculine" career. It wasn't until my late 20's I decided my life was mine and so was my happiness. I attended beauty school at Paul Mitchell in Virginia beach then after a couple years I followed my dreams and landed in Los Angeles with 3 suitcases. Mind you I had never even been here before.  I can remember landing at LAX and looking at the cityscape and seeing the Hollywood sign from afar in the plane and having feelings of being scared but also a fire inside of me that I could feel in my throat as I knew I had made the right decision in the next chapter in my life.  I took that leap and risk for my dreams and it paid off big. Since being in LA I have held corporate positions in airbrush education at 2 major makeup brands and of course now own sharing my knowledge and the "industry secret" of beauty airbrush to fellow artists globally via LIVE STREAM.


Whatever you dreams are, whatever you goals are know that the universe will support you in everyway and help you get there in your journey as long as you follow a simple formula.



To my past pro students you guys rock. I love when you tag me in your work. To future students know that if you choose airbrush makeup artistry training with me it will come with a learning style that has a foundation in PASSION and GROWTH!!



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