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“How to incorporate the hottest red carpet looks from the 2017 SAG awards into your big day using ai

By celebrity makeup artist, co-owner and lead global educator of, Robbie Miller.

The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, honoring the best achievements in film and television performances for the year 2016, was presented on January 29 in Los Angeles, California.

Stars from Meryl Strep to Emma Stone were in attendance and walked the red carpet in designer dresses and old glam Hollywood style hair and makeup. In this article we will take a look at 6 of my favorite looks and I will tell you how you can recreate these makeup looks on your big day with the use airbrush cosmetics

These looks are sure to have all eyes on you for one of the most special occasions of you life.


Emma Stone.

This very classic clean Hollywood glam look is a must for the bride that wants a more simple natural look that showcases her natural beauty. The airbrush foundation I would suggest would be a sheer coverage. This gives a gorgeous sheer to medium coverage letting your natural beauty shine thru. Then highlight your cheek and brow bone with champagne shimmer, then move onto light mauve blush. Just a light dusting of blush to give that healthy warm glow. There is no contouring for this natural clean look. For brows use use a couple drops of walnut. Dust the lids with just a little of the blush color in light mauve. Finish this look with jet black eyeliner concentrating on the outer corner until you reach the middle and smoke it out a little. Finish from the middle to the inner corner of the eye with a gold metallica. This will highlight the bottom of the eyes and help draw attention to your eye color. Apply jet black eyeliner to the top lid. Finish with a light or dark mauve lip stain.


Natalie Portman.

All in the eyes. This look really plays a lot of emphasis on the eyes while keeping the rest of the makeup very subtle. This is perfect if you have light eyes and want to play them up. Using a more satin airbrush foundation finish with medium to full coverage. In this look we will not use shimmer highlights but more matte, keeping the eyes drawn to the eyes and eye makeup. This is a more sultry bridal look. Contour with a deep matte brown in the cheek hollows then lightly dust a peachy pink blush on top of your contour shade. Brows are kept simple yet corrected and filled in with dark smoke. Highlight the cheek bone and brow bone with a vanilla matte shade. On the lip apply rose gold, in the crease apply light coral, apply to where it meets up with the vanilla highlight, then go in with dark smoke and concentrate on the C shape of the eye to add more dimension. Use jet black eyeliner and create a smoky bottom eyeliner. Don’t forget to apply eyeliner on the top lid as well. Finish with a nude lip.


Maisie Williams.

All in the brows and lips. If you are an edgy bride then this look is for you. This look focuses on the brown and lips. To start off using semi matte airbrush foundation. This will give you a minimal natural glow without the use of additional shimmer highlights. For blush use just a little bit of a bronze rose to enchance your cheek bone. I love this color because it is a light blush and contour shade all in one. Then use a large brow stencil apply to brow a dark smoke brow color. Eye makeup is kept minimal, spray a little champagne shimmer on the lids then apply top liner in Jet black using an eyeliner stencil for a more defined eyeliner. Finish the eyes with a light coat of mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Complete this look with a rich mocha lip stain.​

This article was written for World Bride Magazine:

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