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The "BRIDAL GUIDE" for your bride-to-be clients.

By photographer and guest blogger Matthew Smith owner of

Legacy Union Photo. Los Angeles.

  • Your wedding day opens the door to your and your other half’s future life together. A once-in-a-lifetime event, it is an affair that you cannot rewind or re-do. Moreso, on this day, everyone’s eyes will be on you and your fiancé. However, as the bride, you generally will have a heavier load. Being in an elegant wedding dress that demands attention means the spotlight will be on you. Hence, it is crucial to document every significant part of your special day and put your best foot forward!

You might have caught yourself looking at perfect wedding photos of other couples for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. As you scroll through these social media platforms, do you ever find yourself asking how you will be able to slay the same shots? For most people, if they are not used to being in front of the camera, the idea of striking a pose can be daunting. Fortunately, with an experienced and talented professional wedding photographer by your side, there is no doubt you will have wedding shots that are worth looking back to in the years to come.

  • The right photographer will be able to convey your extraordinary love story through stunning wedding photographs that you can proudly share with your loved ones and the generations to come. For best results, allow me to share some wedding photography tips to help you pull off those shots.

  • 1. Take Your Engagement Photographs with bridal makeup Often times your wedding makeup artist and hairstylist will want to do a trail with you before the big day to make sure you’re both on the same page with your look. Use that same day to have your engagement photos taken that evening! Having your engagement photographs taken gives you a chance to know how a potential wedding photographer works. It will allow you to get an idea of how amazing the images they will deliver are. This time also gives you the opportunity to get to know and build rapport with the expert. Knowing your photographer, how they freeze moments that matter to you, and how they weave images into a perfect love story will leave you confident on your wedding day. Plus, seeing your photographer as your friend helps melt all the nerves away as they take your perfectly candid moments! Having that trust and peace of mind can give you confidence, which will make a huge difference as you navigate your big day!

  • 2. Keep Your Makeup Simple Hair and makeup complement your natural features. However, too many modifications can give you an entirely different look. Hence, keep your makeup looking natural and avoid experimenting with extremely bold applications by going light with your foundation and lipstick. Also, stick with neutral shades that simply enhance your natural beauty. When you look at your wedding pictures later, there is no doubt you will recognize yourself! For best results, learn and take advice from professional hair and makeup artists, because not only are they are experienced with various hair types and skin tones, but they also know what safe and high-quality products to use that will match your needs and preference. With experts by your side, expect your hair and makeup will last all day and night despite endless hugs and teary eyes!

  • 3. Master Some Foolproof Poses Create a list of shots and poses you want to do for your wedding pictures and share them with your photographer. While you can trust the professional to guide you through every step of the way, it will not hurt to master some poses that flatter your look and physique. This way, you will be camera-ready! Hence, get into the habit of smiling and maintaining a good posture. You might even surprise yourself that you will look well-composed and relaxed even in the most candid moments! Want a pro tip? An engagement session is a perfect chance for a trial run with the hair and makeup and for practicing the poses of your liking. This way, you can check if the style and angles you want to go for are camera-perfect and complement you.


Originally hailing from Iowa, Matthew has lived & worked in Honolulu, Chicago, and Arkansas before landing in Los Angeles. He loves well-designed things, well-prepared food, and well-told stories. When he's not creating photographs, you’ll likely be able to find him cycling around Griffith Park, camping on a road trip up the coast with friends, volunteering at his church, or eating frozen pizza & binging Friday Night Lights.

Besides weddings Matthew has had the opportunity to work for a diverse set of clientele and has been published by legends like Country Living Magazine & Men’s Journal. Having a variety of clients his work allows him to continually explore his creativity.


This is a wonderful article by my friend and talented photographer Matthew. This is a great article to share with your bridal clients to help them feel more prepared for their big day. In my opinion the biggest budget should be allowed for hair, makeup and photography. Because let's face it...10,20,40,50 years down the road the only thing that your client will have left from their special day is a wedding book and photo memories beautifully captured by a talented photographer and the timeless hair and makeup you did on their magical day.


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