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Airbrush vs Traditional

Today, makeup (and cosmetics in general) has become a multi-billion dollar industry and it is more common and available than ever. The fact that most beauty products are now composed of skin safe ingredients, continues to increase women's (and men's) demand for it.


Women of the ancient world, uneducated about safe beauty practices, often went to the extreme with homemade cosmetics. They used mercury, lead, arsenic, and leeches in the name of beauty and social status, no matter the consequences. We have since recognized the importance and need for safe products. Not just for our skin, but for general health.

Lipstick, blush, mascara, foundation and powder - you may think they are modern innovations. But painting and decorating one's face might just be the oldest social practices in the world.

As makeup and cosmetics have been improving throughout history, so did the way we apply them. Now we have all types of brushes and sponges. Different shapes, sizes, density and material for the perfect blending.

In the 1930s' Hollywood, makeup artists started using airbrush to apply makeup for film.

Often Monte Westmore was credited for developing the technique (Gone With The Wind), but his brother, Wally was using it at least 5 years earlier. However, only later on, in 1959 was the first major use of airbrush makeup, for the epic movie, Ben Hur.

Until recently, airbrush was the luxury only for the rich and famous. Meanwhile for the rest of the world, that didn't even know it existed, was using makeup with the technique we call today "traditional".


Good news arrived in the 21st century. Even though it comes with a higher price tag, airbrush makeup is widely available for everyone now.

It is most popular in the bridal industry after the movie/TV and theatre. You must be thinking - Why is that? What is the difference? Is it worth it to pay the extra? Below you can read a brief comparison to help you find the answers.


- It lasts at least 6-10 hours longer than the traditional makeup. Big plus, right?

- It feels featherlight and looks natural, like a second skin.

- The buildable coverage allows great flexibility. It does take some extra time to achieve the full coverage, because of the layering, but it is well worth the patience.

- It withstands. Especially the silicone-based one, which means it is waterproof, sweatproof and humidity proof. I work with TEMPTU, the only brand offering silicone-based makeup for airbrush. (Others offer water-based and/or alcohol-based)

- Another great benefit is that hardly any brushes will touch your skin. Or none at all, if you are having a full face airbrush makeup.

How does it work then? Imagine thousands of microscopic pixels being sprayed on your skin as a fine mist. These pixels sit tightly connected, creating somewhat like a net. This allows your skin to breath and shine through. It works with a compressor that needs electricity. However! TEMPTU already has the wireless solution (which is my next investment).

- If you have peach-fuzz though, you might have to get rid of that for the flawless results of the airbrush. To best explain to you why, I would say think of the first snow coming down. How it sits on the grass first, before it reaches the ground. Same way the airbrush will behave if you have tiny hair covering your skin. Although a good makeup artist will know just what to do to fix it without having to shave your face.


- There is a huge selection out there in shades, undertones, texture, finish, brands, etc. in the world of traditional makeup. You can find products practically for any skin type or condition.

The too many options can be overwhelming and confusing for personal use, you have to do your research. And from a makeup artist's point of view, it is a lot of products to have on hand to be prepared for all of our clients. On the other hand, I personally really enjoy trying out new things and having plenty of options. It is a little like Christmas every time I stock up on something different.

- Thanks to their formula and consistency, many traditional foundations give you instant full coverage. The doll-like look can easily be done. Although it feels heavy on the skin if you are not used to wearing makeup and it can look heavy as well. Creasing into fine lines and "melting off" with oily skin are some other issues you may have to be prepared for and do some damage control. Of course with good skin care routine, quality primer and setting/finishing, these disadvantages can be improved.

- The brushes and sponges we use for liquid and cream foundations, eye shadows and lipsticks etc. have to be cleaned constantly and thoroughly. To avoid the spread of bacteria and cause infections or breakouts.

So, is it worth it to pay more for the airbrush? Truth is, it always comes down to personal preferences. I, personally and as a professional, say YES! Absolutely! If it fits your budget, you should definitely go for it. I love to wear and work with both applications, but nothing beats the confidence I feel when I do my makeup with TEMPTU airbrush, and I know it will not melt, crease or transfer with a hug. I feel comfortable, flawless and natural.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I hope you enjoyed it.

(This blog was written by former student Eva Gyomber from Cozumel Mexico. Follow her on Instagram at:

Here is some of Eva's airbrush makeup work:

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