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Want to work backstage as a makeup artist?

Hello all you beautiful people and fellow artists!! The name of this blog is "Want to work backstage as a makeup artist?", I choose this headline

because many artists have a dream of one day working backstage for LA/NYC Fashion Week or a fashion show etc. If you have ever worked backstage for a fashion show then you know the skills needed for this side of the beauty industry go far beyond the capabilites of your makeup artistry. The main skill that you must possess when working backstage is SPEED!! Not only speed, but speed with the ability to produce a beautiful result on your models that will please the makeup head. Airbrush makeup and the techniques we teach in our workshops gave me the ability to do just that. Last night we did a runway show for Panache Bridal in Beverly Hills with our friends Briannah Jayde and Lashelle Ullie. The gowns were gorgeous and the designers were there as well. These gowns were so detailed and looked like something from a fairytale. (BTW, the price tag on these wedding gowns START at $25,000).


We had 4 hours to get 16 models, hair, makeup and gowns on. I focused on doing correct, conceal, foundation, blush, contour, highlight and brows for the makeup team. I did this all with the airbrush using Graftobian Products. 16 Faces in less than 4 hours. That was 15 minutes on each girl. I know that the airbrush skills that I possess and teach in our workshops kept my speed up and gave me the ability to finish on time. The girls all raved how porcelian and flawless their skin looked and some even signed up for one of our workshops so that can do this at home for their everyday routine. Their are so many benefits to airbrush makeup and with the correct training you to can have the speed you need to start getting your foot in the door to working backstage. If you are quick and efficient the makeup head will always remember you and rebook you for future jobs.


Here is a photo of Ramon and I working backstage last night. We

truely love sharing our skills in airbrush artistry to beauty professionals all over the globe in our LIVE Streaming workshops. It is our love and passion to see others succeed and increase their revenue. Our workshops are never pre-recorded you get a one-on-one with us. There is stigma surrounding airbrush in that it is either only for special effects makeup or that it is to hard. We hare here to tell you that it's not. Our workshops focus on beauty airbrush. You will learn full face beauty airbrush: correct, conceal, foundation, blush, contour, highlight, eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lips all using airbrush makeup and equipment. This skill has been good to us in our career and we are now ready to share in our success by giving you the education and knowledge to STEP OUT FROM THE CROWD and offer such a speciality service to your clients!!

Airbrush and quality trained airbrush makeup artists are in high demand for: Bridal, Runway, Film/TV, Fashion etc.

SPECIAL!! Enroll by January 31st, 2018 and a friend can join in on your workshop as well for FREE. (mention code #bogo when enrolling)

Enroll today by clicking the below image:


"It was a magical time to be working backstage with our fellow makeup artists, hairstylists and wonderful models. Briannah Jayde the director at Panache-Beverly Hills always puts on an amazing show for brides-to-be. Robbie and I always have a great time when we are there"--Ramon Ibarra

*See more of the beautiful gowns and part of the show last night in the below video:

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