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"Glow Tour" Latin America

We started the kickoff to our Latin America Airbrush MasterClass "Glow Tour" featuring TEMPTU a couple weeks ago in Mexico City, Mexico. This was the first time that Ramon and I had visited Mexico City. It was a gorgeous city full of culture, arts, and very nice people and of course not to mention the BEST TACOS!!! MMMMMM!! hahah

We were hosted by Karla Saenz the owner of Bloom Beauty one of the distributors of TEMPTU in Mexico. The class was held at Cristina Cuellar Makeup School in Mexico City... One of her many school locations in the country.

This was our first time meeting Karla or Cristina. They welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like family. We love the goals that they each have in training a new generation of makeup artists in their country in the art of full face beauty airbrush makeup.


This was a sold out class and I could not have done it with out my partner (business and personal) Ramon and my assistant Adibe Ponce De Leon. Thank you both, the success of our "Glow Tour" could not happen without you both.

We met some of the most talented, gifted and ambitious makeup artists while in CDMX. These artists have a fire in them to succeed and they push their limits. Hats off to them in advancing in their careers by investing in themselves and craft with education.

(Also thank you to our sponsors: TEMPTU, Lucine Lashes, Kryolan & TwinMedix),,,


Airbrush makeup has been used in Hollywood for over 40 years. What was once only available to film/tv or celebrity artists is now available to artists globally. I have taught airbrush makeup for years here in Los Angeles to some of the top artists in the industry. 2 years ago when I started this company I wanted to reach outside of the walls of Los Angeles and touch as many makeup artists as possible to teach them this invaluable skill that has been the forefront and success of my own career. The majority of my teaching is now done "online" or "on-tour".

Either in one of my LIVE STREAMING private one-on-one courses or on our GLOW TOUR. It's my passion teaching this skill to my fellow beauty professionals. It's my passion to see your growth. It's my passion to see you make more money. It's my passion to educate!


Weather you take my LIVE STREAMING private course or have a seat on a stop on our Glow Tour you will learn full face beauty airbrush makeup. What does that mean? It means that in my MasterClass you are going to learn how to re-create any traditional look in less than half the time using nothing but your airbrush wand. You will learn how to airbrush: correction, foundation, blush, contour, highlight, eyebrows, lips, multiple eyeshadow looks, multiple eyeliner looks and more.... All of our courses include THEORY+PRACTICAL (hands-on)

I want to teach you advance beauty airbrush techniques so that you can also condense your kit. In my own kit I only have 3 traditional brushes: a concealer brush, a brow brush and a brush to apply glitter if I'm feeling fancy.. LOL.

This skill is a speciality/niche service and my students charge $$$$$$$!!!

(these looks are are done with airbrush....Yup, even the eyeliner.)




Mexico City, Mexico. June 29th.

Queretaro, Mexico. November 11th.

Guadalajara, Mexico. November 13th.

Matamoro Tamaulipas, Mexico. TBA.....

Mexico City, Mexico. TBA.....


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