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"Glam Pop Art" @ Comic Con Asia

The first ever Comic Con in Asia was held at the SMX Center in Manila, Philippines on March 24th and 25th, 2018.

I had the pleasure to be there with CAO Cosmetics as a guest artist helping them launch their new airbrush makeup line in Asia by having a 2 hour look and learn workshop showing glam pop art techniques with the use of airbrush makeup.

It was such an amazing experience. Meeting makeup artists from all over Asia. Some of them had never seen airbrush makeup in action. Especially a Glam Pop Art look.

In the 2 hour look and learn workshop I went over the benefits of airbrush makeup and shared some advanced techniques with them. As you all know my speciality is bridal and beauty airbrush makeup looks but being at Comic Con I knew that I had to create a look that was in that realm so that is why we choose to do a Glam Pop Art Look. My team and assistants were amazing and helped to make sure that the workshop went as smooth as possible. Speaking of my team, they offered me to eat a balut egg the entire time I was there and I kindly passed...LOL. Manila is a beautiful city and honestly I was surprised of how metro and huge the city was. Their skyline rivals Los Angeles even. If you ever get a chance to visit Manila you will not be displeased it is a beautiful city full of hospitality and is rich in history.


Below are some more photos.

As I write this blog what comes to my mind is "DREAMS"! Growing up in poor rural West Virginia I had dreams of being a traveling makeup artist. I feel so humble and blessed to have been doing just that for the past 3 years. Traveling all over the country and globe teaching airbrush makeup techniques to beauty professionals. You see here at our passion is seeing our fellow artists strive by teaching them an invaluable skill to add to their toolbelts. Airbrush makeup has been wonderful to me in my career and has helped me stand out more. Let me teach you these skills. If you are on the fence about training with us know that you workshop with us will have a foundation in passion and wanting to see you grow whilst increasing your revenue. Your workshop is a LIVE streaming private one on one with me. So no matter where you are in the world you can get educated in beauty airbrush artistry. For more info visit our workshop page at:

If you are a former student of mine and want to learn "GLAM POP ART" via airbrush makeup contact me for a special LIVE STREAMING workshop.

Have a fab day and thanks for reading. xoxoxo


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