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Master Class in Airbrushed Beauty

Last week I had the honor of having Argentinian pro airbrush makeup artist Connie as a student in our 2 Day LIVE streaming Master Class in airbrushed beauty. Connie told me that she has been airbrushing for years but has had a hard time getting quality education in the field that wasn't pre-recorded material. She then found

and decided to take our LIVE one-on-one streaming Master class.

Connie not only is a freelance artist but also teaches other beauty professionals in Argentina skills in airbrush makeup.

As I began to teach her I knew that she was already highly advanced in the field and mostly self taught. I was very impressed with the airbrush techniques that she already knew and was able to teach herself thru trail and error. She was so advanced as an artist already that we were able to breeze by makeup theory 101 quickly and dive straight into "looks".


The magic of the airbrush wand is that you can recreate any look that is done traditionally if you have the proper training with an airbrush but quicker and more sanitary. From beautifuly blended eyeshadows to smokey eyeliner and everything in between. We don't just teach you how to do foundation but a full face creating a porcelian HD finish that has been seen on celebrities and red carpet events for years in Hollywood.

From correction, concealing,

foundation, blush, contour, highlight, eyebrows, eyeshadow, and even eyeliner.

We even show you how to do more advanced eyeshadow looks such as a conventional eyeshadow, a smokey eye, a contoured smokey eye, cut crease etc. All with the use of airbrush equipment and airbrush makeup.


Our first day was all about technique and practicing a lot on paper. Showing her how to properly build coverage with light passes and how to control her airbrush wand. The second day we both had models as I demoed a look she then recreated it on her model. We were able to do multiple looks and even though she was thousands of miles away from me it felt as if she was right here with me in my studio in Los Angeles.

This is what I strive to do for each our my students. I want them to feel that they are right here with me in person. Connie finished the program with flying colors and is already utilizing some of her newfound skills.

"Thank you very much Robbie Miller. I feel so happy to being trained with you!. Your masterclass is higher recommended and also you are a great instructor. I think you take my airbrush technique to an advance level.. hope we see you again soon"--Connie.

Take your skills to a new level if you are already an airbrush artist. Offer your clients more than just airbrushed foundation and increase your makeup revenue also if you are a newbie wanting to get in the airbrush makeup industry then signup for one of our online courses and become a certified airbrush makeup artist. Own a salon or school? You can also host us for a hands-on 2 Day Master Class.

Click on the "Master Class" tab for more information and to enroll.


R&R Airbrush Makeup Artisty

WHO WE ARE. Robbie and Ramon.

Teaching is our passion, we love meeting new people from all of the globe. Our hope is that not only will you have a skill that is unprecedented in the industry but you will have the ability to bring forth each of your clients inner beauty.

Catering to beauty professionals, R&R Airbrush Makeup Artistry has educated and certified artists and makeup lovers all over the globe in the specialty field of full face beauty airbrush makeup either through one of our LIVE online programs or our on-site 2 Day Advanced Master Class hosted at your school or salon. Giving them the tools they need to give their clients the "Hollywood experience".

Our work has been seen on major networks, on multiple celebrities, Hollywood red carpet events, national commercials and on brides from coast to coast. We can't wait to teach you the airbrush makeup skills that have been so valuable to us in our own freelance careers.

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