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Airbrush Makeup in the Bridal Industry

When I first started as a freelance makeup artist, I built my kit using traditional makeup. These products were cumbersome, heavy in my kit, hard to customize and always running out. As I evaluated my business, I realized that brides were on the search for airbrush makeup for their big day. Once I started adding airbrush to my services, my business boomed!

I personally love to use airbrush makeup on my clients, especially brides. It is easy it is to create custom colors without carrying around heavy bottles of traditional makeup, which keeps keeping my kit more manageable. The application is so smooth and allows the skin to breathe. It creates a photoshop finish that is long lasting.

Once you have been properly trained in airbrush makeup, it is like having a photoshop tool in your hand. It creates the illusion of perfect skin by while blurring the flaws! All my clients are in love with airbrush makeup!

Being a certified airbrush makeup artist has increased my business ten fold! It also saves money and time. All brides want to look and feel their best on their wedding day and airbrush makeup provides that. Airbrush makeup saves money because you can color match more easily with fewer products and use less product than traditional makeup. In addition, once properly trained, airbrush makeup is faster, which means you can seat more clients and make more money.


Karrie has been a makeup artist for about 17 years and is also certified in airbrush makeup as well. Not only does she love makeup, but she loves how it changes a women’s confidence. Karrie thinks confidence in women equals beauty. She believes all women should feel and look their best and makeup helps achieve that. Karrie is extremely passionate about being a makeup artist! She loves the feeling she gets when she sees her client light up because her client love what she sees in the mirror. Karrie loves to see that transformation.

In addition to makeup application, Karrie is also a great teacher and loves to offer one on one makeup lessons or in a group setting. This is where you can learn some of her trade secrets specifically tailored to you!

Follow Karrie on Instagram @xoxokarrie



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